Product Development

Did you know that besides running Perch I also help with custom product design? I’m currently working with architects to design a line of tableware for a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. From ideation to 3D models and glaze samples, I help get my clients a package that is ready for production. Whether you have manufacturing in place or need help finding a suitable maker, my hope is to take the mystery out of the process and get your custom project made.

Clients include: Anthropologie, West Elm, Alma’s Room & Marshall Projects.

for Anthropologie

sketches for Anthropologie

for Anthropologie

Final Garden Markers for Anthropologie

for Anthropologie

Final Garden Markers for Anthropologie




Via, Vega & Vitalia

I finally made some new vases! Yay! These were turned on my lathe and designed to work with this layered, colorful glaze treatment. I’m making them in a darker turquoise than I usually use and amber (my fave color of the moment!)Via and Vega

More pics to come.

Candles from 2011

I loved these candles. It was really satisfying to get all of these cups back from my candle guy all filled with different scents. I had to ship them to him in bunches of 300-400 and that was a lot of handmade cups. There were a lot of steps from raw cup to finished candle and they just were not profitable enough to keep making them – but they looked great and flew out of the studio!

2011 candles 3

Fall 2011 candles



Weekends in the Studio


Running Perch has become a weekend thing. I still sell directly to customers from my website and have kept a handful of retail partners BUT I work full time these days doing production for David Weeks Studio. The change has been great – working in an uber-creative studio with talented people is rewarding and I get to be a part of the bigger world of Brooklyn design. And when I go to my lovely little studio on the weekends – I can actually be creative and not just fill orders. So yes, there are new ceramic designs coming soon, as well as some prints and who know what.